About Us

Golden Eagle is one Vancouver’s premiere full-service real estate development companies. We specialize in the sourcing, securing, procurement and marketing of residential and commercial properties throughout the lower mainland.

With over twenty years of expertise in the industry we are seamlessly able to take a nondescript to an industry leading development. All of our builds are strategically planned to maximize yields of the highest return on investments by catering to both emerging markets, as well as the established demographics.

The span of our portfolio ranges from urban, luxury residential high rises, to suburban low rises, as well as commercial office buildings, senior and student housing and shopping centres.

Inspired by one of the most highly regarded falcons, the Golden Eagle our brand embodies what it takes to be leaders in our industry. With our elite team of professionals we always stay on top of the market with a “birds eye view” of trends, and we keep ourselves optimally positioned to spot opportunity and quickly seize it.


It takes focus to achieve your goals. Never wavering, determined and committed. 


You need to know where you are going in order to get there. When your vision is one of excellence getting there comes naturally


Strength lies in our experience, expertise and established partnerships.


The ability to navigate a vastly changing market and effectively accessing respective risks and rewards.


Always providing and delivering what is promised on time and on budget